Everything You Need To Know About CBD Vaping

Vaping has become a nationwide trend, which means it’s also become a popular method for CBD delivery. With CBD’s claimed health benefits like combatting anxiety, inflammation, and pain, a lot of users are looking for ways to implement CBD in their daily lives. CBD vaping is one possible delivery method offering fast absorption, relaxation, and results.

What is CBD vaping, what are its benefits, and is it the best method for my CBD application?


What is CBD vaping?

“Vaping” is when you use a pen to vaporize some liquid that you inhale and exhale. With CBD vaping, you typically have a pen-style vape used for concentrated cartridges. This pen has a chamber with heating coils that vaporize the CBD oil, turning it into a “smoke” or vapor. There are also tank-style vapes that use an e-liquid for larger and more billowing clouds of vape smoke.

Basically, here’s what happens. You insert a CBD vape cartridge into the pen. The pen uses an atomizer to heat up the oil, turning the CBD oil into a vapor. You inhale the vapor into your lungs, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. You exhale the smoke and start feeling relief.


What are the benefits of CBD vaping?

Fast absorption

CBD vape oil has one of the fastest absorption rates of all types of CBD delivery methods. The CBD is inhaled into your lungs, where it can go into your bloodstream quickly and effectively. It doesn’t have to make its way through the digestive system like edibles and some oils do.

Because of this rapid absorption rate, you can see almost immediate relief and results. This works especially well for those suffering from stress and anxiety attacks. When you feel a burst of anxiety come on, you can reach for your vape pen, take a deep breath, and start to feel fast relief.



CBD vape oil generally has fewer ingredients than other types of CBD delivery methods. For example, CBD gummies have CBD—but they also need all of the other ingredients to make the gummy. CBD isolate oil has a high concentration of CBD, but it also requires a carrier oil like hemp seed oil.

In premium CBD vape oil, you’re typically getting a purified form of CBD with fewer ingredients. Most vape oils are 100% pure CBD extract with small amounts of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol for binding. Some also have flavoring components (check the label to make sure it’s natural flavoring). That means you’re getting a potent dose of CBD with every inhale.



CBD vape cartridges typically come with a pre-measured dose of CBD. This can help keep your dosing consistent, so you can maintain steady, reliable treatment for your condition. You may be able to purchase your CBD vape oils in different potencies based on your need as well, so you have some level of control over dosing.



Although hemp-derived CBD oil is legal and has immense health benefits, there is still a stigma against it in some situations. Vaping CBD is slightly more discreet than pulling out a bottle or edible if people already know you own and use a vape. CBD vape oil also doesn’t have a distinct smell unless it’s flavored. This means you can incorporate CBD vaping into your daily life with less concern.  



A lot of users like vaping because it’s relaxing. This relaxation effect comes both from the CBD as well as the breath itself. When you’re vaping, you are taking time to slow down and focus on the inhale and exhale. This kind of deep breathing can help you calm down, de-stress, and be more mindful in the middle of your day. Plus, you’re getting cannabidiol that can help soothe your nerves.


Is CBD vaping safe?

CBD vaping is safe when you use a premium, pure vape oil from a reputable company. The dangers of CBD vaping come when you’re not sure about the ingredients in your products.

Because there currently aren’t any regulations or procedures in place for CBD oil production, there are a lot of illegitimate companies producing cartridges that don’t take your health and safety into account. They’re pushing products that claim high percentages of CBD oil, but their labels aren’t always totally truthful.

So yes, CBD vaping is safe… when you purchase from reputable companies. How do you judge your CBD company? The best way is to look at their production processes. Where and how do they source their CBD? Is the CBD vape oil derived from hemp plants? How much CBD is in each dose? Do they provide third party testing and policies? What do people say about the company?

It’s in your best interest to ensure you’re getting a natural, high-quality product. If you’re inhaling it, you want it to be good for you! Check out the 7 Point Naturals process and products here.


Is CBD vape oil addictive?

Unlike other vape products, pure CBD vape oils from reputable companies don’t contain nicotine or addictive chemicals. CBD is also not addictive itself, and it hasn’t been linked to overdose or severe side effects.

Since CBD oil is generally considered safe, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting addicted to CBD vaping if you use a premium, pure oil.

Some people get mentally addicted to the act of vaping. This can occur with any sort of treatment, though. When you start to feel relief, your brain will want to continue that relief. So, you’ll want to be aware about consistent and specific dosing for your condition. Learn how to use and dose CBD oil here.

Note that you want to purchase hemp-derived CBD and CBD oil. Hemp products are legal and contain incredibly low or no trace amounts of THC. THC is the compound in cannabis that causes the intoxicated or “high” feeling, but CBD oil has no psychoactive effects.


Time for CBD health

CBD vaping is an effective way to get fast, easy relief for a number of conditions. If you’re looking to get more benefits out of your vape pen, try out the 7 Point Naturals CBD vape oil cartridges. Packed with CBD and cannabis terpenes, you’ll get a shot of health benefits in a flavorful and relaxing experience!  

CBD vaping isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! There are a lot of different delivery options based on your condition and preference. Shop our other products to find the right solution for you.  

Note: Consult with a doctor before trying CBD vaping. If you have certain conditions like asthma, lung disorders, or other medical concerns, vaping might not be the best delivery method for your CBD regimen. You’ll also want to have a discussion about dosing, so you can feel confident and safe in your treatment methods.